Tokyo Plans

Is it too early to be excited for Tokyo?

Some of the places that we’re intending to go to:

1) Disneyland, but of course. Dina will be tall and old enough to ride on most of the rides there!

2) Asakusa. I’m excited for Dina and I to try on their kimono.

3) Owl café. Dina loves owl and she will be super excited to meet them!

4) Cat café. Okayla, I don’t need to go all the way to Tokyo to visit a cat café but looking at our schedule, I think we will have ample time to visit one.

5) Harajuku. Excited to go to kiddyland and buy all the soft toys on the shelves! Haha. I can imagine buying a new luggage to fit in all of Dina’s new toys. 

Dina is also starting to love Gudetama ‘cause she loves anything in the form of an egg so she’ll be so excited when we bring her to a shop full of Gudetema which I believe is abundant in Japan. Japan also has a lot of this cute playdoh stuffs which Dina loves watching on at you tube (from pudding tv channel) so we know that we’re gonna buy lots of toys for Dina!

6) Akihabara. The hubs will go crazy there. He already knows what he wants to buy.

7) Shinjuku / Shibuya which I guess is a must go.

8) Places of interests like Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park for memory sake.

We won’t be heading to Roppongi Hills for the Tokyo City View although it is quite a popular spot because we’re not really keen. Not going Mt Fuji either. Happy to just stay in Tokyo and take our time to explore the area.

I really think that Dina will LOVE this trip so it’ll be quite a pity if she doesn’t get to join us. The hubs says to buy back lots of toys for Dina if she doesn’t but I think it’ll be quite sad. But I’m firm with the point that IF Dina has even a slight runny nose, I’m not gonna let her fly with us so she has to be completely healthy before she gets to follow us on this trip since it’ll be winter in December. The hubs and I must be healthy too. A week before the KL trip, the hubs was down with a bacterial infection (he had a prolonged fever) and a few days before the trip, I was actually coughing very badly so it was no surprise that Dina may have caught the virus from us before the KL trip but the fever only set in when we were already in KL.

To be honest, if Dina is not going to follow us on this trip, it’ll really be like a second honeymoon for us. It’ll be nice to have that time away just to ourselves after like…. 2.5 years but honestly, I’ll miss Dina like crazy!! 8 days without Dina…. How can!! 

Anything else that I should consider adding into my itinerary? 🙂


Travel Updates

We’ve booked our flight tickets for our year end trip. We’re going to Tokyo, in shaa Allah! Tokyo has always been a must-go destination for me and I’ve long researched about Tokyo- what to do, what to eat etc. We didn’t go last year because the hubs wanted to read up and find out more about the radiation level in Tokyo. Even after he thought that it should be fine for us to head there, we couldn’t ’cause he could only take 5 days of consecutive leave and we thought that trying to cover Tokyo in 5 days would be too rushing for us so that’s how Dubai came about.

This year, we thought of going to Korea because my lil bro wanted to join us and we even planned on going in a tour group but my lil bro has decided not to travel ’cause he wants to use the money for something else and we also think that Korea may still be too cold for Dina in December. We watched a lot of you tube videos and almost everyone we saw mentioned how cold Korea is and how they could barely feel their faces and we didn’t want to put Dina through it.

Not like Tokyo won’t be cold but we compared the way they dressed up in both countries in December and Korea definitely looks a lot colder!

We also thought of trying out Sydney because it won’t be winter and chances of Dina falling sick should be lesser. Compared to Sydney, Tokyo is actually more risky in the sense that the latter experiences a lot of earthquakes every month. I’m fine with the mild ones because I know if anything, Tokyo is prepared for earthquakes but while doing our research, we came across videos of the 2011 major earthquake and we saw how the visitors at Disneyland were stranded for a day because they could not travel back to their hotel since there were no transportation. They had to sleep in the cold and I REALLY cannot imagine how it’ll be like if we are stuck in such a situation! Kesian Dina.

I mean… of course we talked about all this. We had to be very realistic but comparing Sydney to Tokyo, I would say for now…. we very much want to go to Tokyo. My husband is a crazy manga fan, Tokyo is literally a Hello Kitty Land (Dina WILL love Tokyo!) and I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland. It’s a destination that’s perfect for the three of us. Just gotta pray that everything will go smoothly and we will be back safely…

Right now, we more or less know where we want to stay at. I really hope that we get to book a room at the Disneyland Hotel for 2 nights because I read that it’s actually difficult to secure a room especially during the year end. We know of a Malaysian staying in Tokyo who is doing halal bento deliveries (nasi ayam, nasi ayam penyet etc) to Disneyland so we have no issues with staying in Disney Resort for 2 nights since we can have proper halal food for lunch and dinner!

Also…. if we think that Dina is not healthy enough to travel (bad runny nose whatever), we’re prepared to leave her at home with my mum but I hope that this doesn’t happen!

Dina · Pre School


So worried for dina.

Ever since she started school, dina has been running a slight temperature every two weeks. She also started developing a very bad runny nose that never really goes away. About three weeks back, dina had a high fever which lasted for about 10 days. It peaked at 40 degrees celsius. We went to KKH children emergency 3 times before dina was admitted for further observation because a viral fever usually lasts for about 5 days but at her 5th day, her fever was still going strong. We did so many tests to rule out bacterial infections but thankfully, dina didn’t had to be on drip nor had to undergo the worser blood test (will not just be a prick) since her fever eventually went down.

It was a very heartbreaking experience because dina refused food and drinks and only had brufen. She barely smiled throughout the hospital stay and was very traumatised by all the strangers barging into the room to touch her.

After she was discharged, we got her to stay home for about a week plus with the helper (which turned out to be quite fine) to fully recover before we sent her back to school. Two days after that, she developed a runny nose AGAIN and had on off slight fever until today. She’s down with an extremely bad dry cough now. We brought her to the PD and the PD said that all it takes is 2 hours for germs to spread between kids so that’s the nuisance that comes with schooling.

Also, at the clinic, I met this mummy who also complained saying that her kid had just recovered from a fever but she’s now back for another round of fever infection and this has been ongoing since her kid started school.

Sighs. I’m not sure whether I should withdraw dina from school. I know everyoneeeee says kids will fall sick when they start school and they’ll soon grow out of it- thats how they build their immunity but after all these fever episodes, I really feel like there’s something more that I can do for dina. Kids having a high fever is no joke….. it can lead to ferbile fits etc so no matter how some say “they’ll be fine one day” I just feel like this is not the route for dina right now.

But I’m not too comfortable with dina being at home with the helper, although I know that dina has no issues with it. She gets along very well with the helper but the helper is not as teliti as me or my mum when we take care of dina but not like we have much of a choice? I’ve seen a few incidents via the house camera which got my heart racing and many times, the hubs, mum and I strongly feel that dina is better off in school.  She’s definitely a lot safer there.

We were also thinking that perhaps, e.bridge is not the place for dina. It is fully air conditioned (which contributes to her runny nose) and high student-teacher ratio since it is an anchor operator school. But finding another school in our area now is not going to be easy. We got a place in M.FS but that’s a mega centre and student-teacher ratio is also high. There are some private schools like kinderland and raffles here but they’re quite out of the way.

Another choice is to wait for next year before we send dina to ha.nis mon.tessori kindergarten at kovan. They have a transport to and fro and it will only be for 3 hours per day. No naps and no shower time which I believe will strongly reduce the passing of germs and by then, her immune system should also be better. It’s a great choice because I have always prefer for dina to be in an islamic preschool but that would mean that we have to be comfortable with dina being with the helper at home 😔

Travel · Wanderlusts

KL 2017

So we went to KL over the March holidays. It was dina’s 4th and last flight before she needs to start paying for a seat! We took MAS for the first time and was very disappointed. Something happened to our baggage and up till today, no one responded to our email. Such is their service.

Anyways, we stayed at the westin KL and loved it! We still prefer to stay in Bukit Bintang area because we want easy access to Pavillion. We chose KL because I wanted to shop at kenanga again. Bought a whole lot of clothes back that the helper actually said that I need to get a new wardrobe lol. (My helper is here, more on that in the next entry!)


We managed to check out poplook too but I think it’s not worth the travel to damansara just for poplook! Will not add that into my itinerary if I make a trip back to KL, which I definitely will!

On the last day, dina actually developed a sudden high fever. We were at KLCC when I felt that something was amiss. Dina felt hot and wasn’t eating well. We went back to our hotel room and got the shock of our life when we saw that dina’s temperature was 39 degrees celsius! My hand was shaking as I showed the thermometer to the hubs. We were really shocked because dina never had a fever higher than 38 degrees celsius and she had no signs of cough or flu so we were really worried that her fever was due to an infection. And also, we didn’t had any brufen with us because…. dina never needed to take any brufen! I had a feeling paracetamol wouldn’t work since her fever was so high and true enough- her temperature remained high.


Thankfully, I have an aunt staying in damansara KL and she offered to send us to a PD. We went over to her place first before her driver sent us to a baby clinic. When we reached the clinic, her temperature dropped to 37.6 so they refused to give us any brufen for standby (why?!?!?!) but concluded that dina had a throat infection and told us not to worry. Oh kayyyy.

But after that, dina temperature went back to 39 and then dropped again after paracetamol. She even vomited on the bed in our hotel room while sleeping so the hubs and I ended up sleeping on the floor. It was a terrible night. I just wanted to go home fast.

We actually paid extra to get on the earlier flight back but…. it was a damn waste of money because our flight was delayed and we left only 30 mins earlier than our original flight back. Sighs.

We ended up bringing her to KKH ’cause her temperature was going up to 40. It was so so scary but thankfully, we were safely back in Sg! They gave her brufen and her fever went down immediately. She was back to normal on the next day Alhamdullilah.

It was a really scary experience for us and we got kind of scared to travel again. Dina was actually hospitalised two weeks after the trip for prolonged high fever (due to a very congested nose) and everyone tell me that this is normal when they start school. But during that 10 days of fever, she refused solids, drank very little water and had nothing else but brufen and paracetamol. No matter how “common” this is when children start school, I don’t feel like putting dina through this at such a young age. Sighs so much to say but I just realised that this entry is supposed to be about KL.

On an ironical note, we are already planing for our year end trip. I have decided that we’re all not ready for a #2 yet until my health is clear (still undergoing constant review by a specialist at NTF hospital- this, in another entry) and dina builds up her immunity. So with that, we SHOULD travel. What happened in KL would always remain as our biggest fear but….. we can’t forsee the future. If dina falls sick a month before the trip, we can still cancel our trip and get a full refund. We just need to buy a good travel insurance. If dina falls sick over there…. that will be another story altogether. But before the KL trip, dina was actually already constantly falling sick since she started school and she was running a slight temperature a week before KL. If the same thing happens again before our year end trip, we’ll weigh the situation and decide whether we should proceed. We can always leave Dina with my mum and helper (my mum offered) but I hope that doesn’t happen. Dina is already not going to school everyday now (the helper is taking care of her) so we’ll see how it goes in the next few months…..

We shouldn’t stop planning just cause we’re uncertain right? Nothing is definite.


Update #1 in 2017

It’s been 7 weeks since Dina attended pre school and Alhamdullilah, the transition was pretty smooth. It was the hardest on the first day, because that was the first time we actually left her all on her own in a foreign place. The hubs and I teared as we left the centre (hahaha, yes we did!) because that moment was just too emotional for us. Also, Dina wasn’t crying yet, she thought that we were going in to class with her and I told the hubs to “just leave”. We left with a very heavy heart knowing that Dina is probably crying at that very moment.

When we fetched her after 3 hours, we saw a very sad Dina walking out of class, looking very lost and dejected. (So glad we took a video of it ’cause… memories!!) Her face instantly lit up and we could see that she actually looked relieved when she saw us! Ahhh…. that moment. I felt like crying again because she showed utmost bravery on the first day and we were so proud of her! She must have been so so scared and probably thought that her parents had left her for good.

The teacher told us that it wasn’t too bad of a first day for Dina, because she didn’t cry the whole time. She played when the other kids were playing and she ate the meals that were provided. The teacher even told me that Dina is a big eater hahah which is such a relief because I have heard of how some kids would go on hunger strikes probably as a way of showing how scared they are. Dina behaved perfectly normal at home. No tantrums, no meltdowns and she slept well so all our worries were dumbfounded. She was actually coping well! She still cried a little during drop off and pick up but her teachers assured us that by the forth day, Dina was no longer crying in class. Dina stopped crying altogether at the end of the second week.

I do still feel guilty for sending her to school because she fall sick very very often. On the 3rd week, Dina was away from school for the whole week ’cause she was down with fever and flu. She was away from school for a whole week again on the 5th week. And I know this can’t be helped because they are exposed to germs everyday. I saw how a boy sneeze onto Dina’s face in school (haha, yes!) but it can’t be helped, really! The only thing I can do is to try and build up her immunity by feeding her with lots of fruits at home and using immunepower EO on her every morning. Also thinking of feeding her with extra supplements but we’ll see how it goes. I can’t be taking CCL every time Dina falls sick so I’ve been sending Dina over to my mum’s. Only thing is, the cab fares from sk to cck is SO EXPENSIVE and there was a week when I travelled to and fro sk and cck everyday since Dina was staying there. But all this can’t be helped, right? I feel safe putting Dina at my mum’s place and I didn’t want Dina to attend school until she has fully recovered.

Just so glad that Dina has settled down and is enjoying school. She has been singing a lot ever since school started and her teachers have been telling me as to how focused Dina is during their music and movement class. Alhamdullilah, thank you for making this smooth for us, Dina!


KL 2016

A few days before our Dubai trip, we went to KL with my parents and cousins’ family. Spent the first day at Masjid India, trying to source out for kain raya but we couldn’t find much that we like. Also, the songket that I like was about the same price as those selling at arab street so my mum thought it’s not worth the baggage.

On the second day, we went to Kenanga Wholesale City and that place was maddd love! We spent the whole day there and even went back on the third day sebab tak puas! Haha. Told the hubs that there isn’t a need for me to go to Bangkok anymore ’cause I can’t even be sure if the tops at Platinum Mall are hijab friendly but the ones at KWC definitely are! I’ve always bought my tops online (via those IG sellers) and all the tops sold can be found at KWC. A waste not to go there if you’re in KL!

I wanted to go to the Curve for Poplook but ’cause I spent too much at KWC, decided not to go over. Also, we took grab car everywhere we went. We stayed at WOLO hotel and from our hotel to KWC, it only costed us 5 rm. If we were to flag for a cab, everyone wanted to charge us 20 rm. Staying at Bukit Bintang means you gotta bear with the bad traffic jams so taking a grab car was most ideal for us.

Apart from shopping, as we all know, KL is a food heaven! However, because we were traveling in a big group, it was quite inconvenient to travel far for good food so we ended up eating mainly at Pavilion, which was also the main reason why we chose to stay at Bukit Bintang because we wanted easy access (i.e walking distance) to food places.

Of course, we had to eat at Tony Roma’s especially when the hubs is a big fan of ribs!

We tried the breakfast at WOLO hotel. Not bad! “Got the french feel!” 🙂

Other times, we ate at Subway, food republic at Pavilion, Mdm Kwan etc. There’s a restaurant at level 1 of KWC and the food there is SO good! Everyone gave their two thumbs up!

We’re already planing for our next KL trip in March! Initially, we wanted a beach getaway so we thought of Port Dickson but a 2 nights stay in PD can get us a 3 nights stay in KL. And plus, we still need to rent a car so it’s not worth the money to do a road trip, until we get our own car. So KL seems to be the next best choice. I’m not really a fan of krabi/phuket/bali unless I’m going with like many people (haha) so… KL it shall be!

This time round, we’re going to stay in KL Central because we intend to travel for the highly-raved good food like…….. Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ buffet, Pince & Pints and Shell Out etc so there’s not a need for us to stay in Bukit Bintang. Also, I would only be going to KLCC, KWC and The Curve. We’ve decided on the hotel but have yet to book anything because I need to get clearance from the s/chool first. Our protected period is not yet confirmed!! 😦

Can’t wait!!

We’re still undecided if we should travel in September but even if we do, it’d probably be a short getaway to Bintan/Batam kind. We’ve a few places in mind for our year end trip but right now, we’re inclining more towards Korea! Wanted to go Korea last year but we were afraid that it would be too cold for Dina. By the end of this year, she should be old enough to tell us if she’s cold!


Dubai 2016

Here to finally write about Dubai! We went to Dubai via SQ and as usual, we always have praises for our national carrier. It will be our number one choice whenever we travel, especially when fares are on sale. Our flight was at 3pm and we tried to delay dina’s nap time to 3pm so that she’d sleep for the first 2 hours in the flight and we’d figured something out for her for the next 5 hours (watch a movie, play the iPad, play her toys, dinner etc). Our plan almost worked because she slept as soon as we were seated. Unfortunately, it was raining very heavily and our flight was delayed for an hour. We actually sat in the plane, waiting for the plane to take off for an HOUR. 😦 As soon as we were up in the sky and the seatbelt sign was off, dina woke up.

Managed to occupy her for the first 4 hours before she got really cranky during the last 3 hours. She was tired of sitting down ’cause we didn’t let her walk. Knowing dina, she may never want to go back to her seat after we gave her the choice to walk around in the plane but perhaps, the next time round we will. We’ll probably bribe her with something to get her to return to the seat because for that last 3 hours, she wanted us to stand up to carry her and when we sat, she criedddddd. She wailedddd! Bad thing was, turbulence started during the last 3 hours so we had no choice but to sit so it was really hard trying to calm her down.  She ended up falling asleep on me, in the midst of crying and I didn’t move ’cause I was so worried she would cry again if she was awake and she really did. Was so glad when we finally reached Dubai!

We actually reached Dubai around 11pm (our time) which is way passed dina’s sleeping time but thankfully, she was less cranky because we were finally walking. We stayed at Sofitel Downtown Dubai and we love love loveeeee our room! We had a good view of the Burj Khalifah!

Our stay in Dubai was quite a chillax one. We had a lot of places to go to in mind (water parks, theme parks, legoland etc) but we didn’t go to any ’cause we thought that it is not worth the money since Dina is still so young. She can’t take any of the rides! So we just ate lots of good food, appreciated the modern yet traditional arab culture (lol) and brought back lots of Dubai’s snacks!

Here are the places that we managed to cover in our short stint there!

  • The Walk at Jumeirah Beach
  • Souk Medinat
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Naif Souk (for cheap and good abayas!)
  • Spices Souk
  • The Jumeirah Beach

& we ate at…



Aprons & Hammers


Texas Roadhouse (The T-bone steak is SO GOOD!!)

PF Changs. (We didn’t like the noodles here although the restaurant has very high reviews and we had to wait for quite a while before getting a seat!)


The cheesecake factory. The pasta was just oh kay but the cake is one of the best I’ve eaten!

Paul. We love the beef and the strawberry cake! I know some say Paul is “halal” here but no proper cert yet so we know that we had to try Paul in Dubai!

We also had shake shack twice but both times, we gobbled up the burger before we could even take any picture. Dina loves the cheeseburger. The beef is so tender and knowing that it’s healthy, I don’t mind stuffing dina with it!

Some of the snacks that we bought home. The macadamia and chocolate dates are so good! I don’t really like the turkish delights though. Too sweet for my liking!

Some pictures to sum up our trip to Dubai:

Our flight back was at 8pm and it was so smooth ’cause Dina slept as soon as the plane took off and we had to wake her up when the plane has safely landed. I guess Dina does night flights well (she’s not a light sleeper!) and will definitely consider doing only night flights for long journeys next time!

Will we go back to Dubai? DEFINITELY!